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Air Asia is a Malaysian low-cost airline and it is  the largest low-cost airline in the World.
Air Asia operates flights to 100 destinations in 22 countries. Most popular destinations are: Malaysia, South Korea - Seoul, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Australia, Myanmar, India, Macau, Laos, Cambodia,  Japan.


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Cheap Tickets for Jan 2015

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Date of Flight Price Departure Destination
Jan 2015 60 RM Kuala Lumpur Singapore
Jan 2015 219 SGD Singapore Seoul
After 21 Jan 2015 109 RM Kuala Lumpur Miri
Jan 2015 344,900IDR Jakarta Surabaya
Jan 2015 39 RM Lowest! Kuala Lumpur Johor Bahru
Jan 2015 50 SGD Great price! Singapore Penang
21,27 Jan 2015 39 RM Alor Setar Kuala Lumpur
20,24 Jan 2015 329 AUD Low price! Sydney Singapore
Jan 2015 619,000 IDR Bali Kuala Lumpur
End of Jan 2015 1,406,000 IDR 30% off Jakarta Manila
21,27 Jan 2015 99 RM Kuala Lumpur Kota Kinabalu
Jan 2015 468 MOP Macau Kuala Lumpur
21,28 Jan 2015 790 THB  Chiang Mai Bangkok
20,28 Jan 2015 75 SGD Singapore Bangkok
Jan 2015 45 SGD  Singapore Kuala Lumpur
Jan 2015 238 SGD Singapore Osaka
Half days in Jan 49 RM Kuala Lumpur Penang
28 Jan 2015 1398 MOP Lowest! Macau Singapore
20,22, End of Jan 55 SGD Singapore Langkawi
Jan 2015 749 HKD Hong Kong Penang
End of Jan 2015 40 USD Yangon Kuala Lumpur
19,24 Jan 2015 2525 THB Chiang Mai Kuala Lumpur
28 Jan 2015 746 PHP 50% off Manila Cebu
Jan 2015 443 AUD Gold Coast Kuala Lumpur

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